TOUR # 4 Boat safari through Mangroves

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Tour Description

At Moin, close to Limon starts the Tortuguero Canal where a motorboat will take us on a photo safari through mangrove forests, where you will have plenty of opportunities to observe different types of birds, reptiles and mammals like sloths and monkeys. After a fruit snack on the Beach we will drive to a tropical rainforest with huge ancestral trees. In this forest we will go on a small hill where you will experience a panoramic view of the area and ocean.
From there you can choose between 2 activities. The first option is a canopy experience. There are 12 platforms and on each of them there will be a well-trained guide that receives you and assists you further. The second option, if you prefer to see the forest from the ground, is to hike downhill with an English speaking naturalist guide who helps you understand and interact with the forest and its inhabitants. (The trail is about 1 mile long).
At the end of either option, we will meet at the Restaurant area.
This tour takes 7 hours.
Rate with Canopy $109
Rate with jungle hike $85
Includes drinks, transportation, guide, boat ride and local snacks.